Food + Farming Projects

Communities across the country are realizing the value and importance of rebuilding the food system to increase food access, create jobs, and preserve our agricultural lands. Once an organization has identified the most relevant food based project for the community, Wit Meets Grit can provide program development support that utilizes your organizations strengths, staff and facilities. With so many great USDA grant programs out there, it can really help to have an experienced consultant on the team to support your project whether it is through NBFR, FMPP, SCBGP, RBDG, etc. Nikki Seibert Kelley has experience in the development and implementation of:

+incubator farms
+ farmer training
+ new and beginning farmer programs
+structured apprenticeships
+ curriculum based training
+ land access, farm-land evaluation, land matching
+ public and private farm tour events
+ consumer education campaigns
+ farm land-matching
+ farm-to-table events
+ co-working facilities
+ community gardens
+ farmers markets
+ and more!

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