Organizational Management + Evaluation

Every business or organization has a passion for their mission and strengths brought to the table from staff, board members and volunteers. While working hard in the trenches, it is challenging to find the time or capacity to evaluate the efficacy and efficiency of organizational management, internal operations, programs, and/or services. A fresh perspective can provide the insights and structured feedback necessary for organizations and businesses to grow, overcome challenges and document the data that tells the story of your successes. Wit Meets Grit is happy to help you evaluate your organizational structure, internal operations, programs, funding, or marketing and provide recommendations to help you move forward.

The goal of the evaluation is to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). What is entailed in evaluation?

  • Review of internal and external documents.
  • Utilization of analytics to evaluate demographics.
  • Survey of staff, board and participants.
  • Analysis of all data to provide both quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Third party feedback and initial recommendations.
  • Technical support to implement recommended changes.

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