Regardless of work, personal life, health, or weather- there are a few things that always make me smile.

The first being the four feathered ladies that live in my backyard… their little chicken personalities always make me laugh- from their array of noises to their sideways glances- I am equally amused every-time I am in the yard with them (especially when they try and eat Dan’s toes and he has to run to save himself.) One of the best parts of my day is when I go out in the yard to call them in… they always get uber excited and half the time they fly to me. I have attempted to upload a short video of me feeding them meal-worms- hopefully it works!

The second being my great friends. There are so many great people in Charleston and I am lucky enough to know a few of them. Whether I am in need of volunteers for a garden work day or under the weather with a cold (like this past weekend), someone always comes to the rescue!

Here are a few pics from my last impromptu garden clean-up.

Written by Nikki