I promise my next post will be full of pictures, fun stories, and happy thoughts. For now I have to share some videos that support a lot of my thoughts from the last post. Please know that I do not necessarily agree with everything these people have to say but I like their overall messages.

Here is a video of a man doing what a lot of us wish we could in a way that I found ridiculously entertaining.


Then there is this music video for “Words I Never Said” by Lupe Fiasco that makes a pretty strong statement…


The last one is another Lupe Fiasco song that is a little more inspirational, especially for kids that are growing up in bad neighborhoods…my favorite verse is:

“So no matter what you been through
no matter what you into
no matter what you see when you look outside your window
brown grass or green grass
picket fence or barbed wire
Never ever put them down
you just lift your arms higher
raise em till’ your arms tired
Let em’ know you’re there
That you struggling and survivin’ that you gonna persevere
Yeah, ain’t no body leavin, no body goin’ home
even if they turn the lights out the show is goin’ on!”


Written by Nikki