As I have alluded to in other posts, I am starting a new job on April 1st as a Farming Apprentice. So what does this mean? Well, I honestly am so overwhelmed with work (especially since I am lobbying for Habitat to allow me transition to a consultant position) that I don’t have time to write it up myself, so here is all the information from the website.

Growing New Farmers Incubator Pilot

(April – Nov 2010)

Goal: to begin growing the next generation of farmers in the Lowcountry. These new community food system leaders and entrepreneurs will use this experience to: improve the health of our community, preserve and steward our land, and strengthen our local food economy.

The Partners – LLF, three local experienced farmers, three apprentices, seven area restaurants, and one non-profit working with an underserved population will participate.

Year 1:

1) New Farmer Training: (April 2010)

* Four days a week the apprentices will learn/ practice Sustainable Agriculture techniques on local farms. Rosebank Farm, Fields Farm, Our Local Food.

* Monthly classes in agriculture: (Organic Growing School Model). This program is open to old and young farmers in the Lowcountry.

* LLF will pay for apprentices to take a business planning class, summer of 2010, and link apprentices with business mentors in our local community.

* Apprentices complete a business plan and crop plan for their own farm enterprise for Nov 2010 Graduation.

2) Marketing/Online Market: (Mid April 2010)

* One day a week apprentices will focus on marketing of farmers produce to restaurants, farm stand/ CSA.

* Apprentices will upload pictures of ripe produce weekly online. They will also train their farm instructor.

* Chefs will place orders: Glass Onion, Al Di La, Med Bistro, Fish, Monza, Fig, McCradys * Apprentices will deliver to restaurants weekly.

* Local farmers increase sales, restaurants increased supply of local food; farmers trained in new system; apprentices practice direct marketing.

3) Community Development/ Food Access: (Fall 2010)

* Apprentices partner with a local community organization to promote healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

* Apprentices develop direct marketing experience through Farm Stand project, or low income CSA. This is an intensive training and education program and only those dedicated to learning the skill of farming should apply. Conditions are hot and days are long but this is a wonderful opportunity for those with a passion for the land!

Lowcountry Local First will provide:

* Opportunity for hands-on experience farming

* Opportunity to learn direct sales marketing

* $500 month taxable stipend (April – July & Sept-Nov 2010)

* Housing Option

* Fresh Veggies

* Tuition for Entrepreneurship class in July/August

Contact Elizabeth Beak, Program Director of Sustainable Agriculture at or 843-740-5444

Written by Nikki