Long time, no see.

The last few months have been a roller coaster of ups and downs full of change, travel, loss, new adventures at work, serious illness, and celebration. While I had hoped to have the time and energy to share all of these experiences with you through my blog, it would seem that life had other plans. I am hoping to get back on track and begin sharing with you all again.

A major factor in this is due to a recent meeting. At one of many weekend fundraising events for work, I bumped into a woman that has been in the charleston “green” circles with me since I first moved to the area. Amazingly enough, her and I have talked over email and through blogs for years but the other night was one of the first times we actually were able to talk in person. She shared with me how much she had enjoyed following my adventures through my car free blog and that she had read them aloud to her whole family (minus a few choice words I may have used). Hearing how much they had relished living vicariously through my experiences and mis-adventures was so heartwarming…and honestly very flattering. While I have struggled to keep up this blog, her comments reignited my desire to share my stories with anyone that is interested in reading. Often, I will have to simply share the articles that I write for publications but in between I will try and carve out a little time to post some personal stories.

That being said, here are the latest articles that I have had published for your reading pleasure. As always, the final edited article is often cut down from the original, but hopefully you will enjoy them all the same. These were all featured in the latest issue of Dirt Magazine:

Farm to School



Until next time, I hope you are all doing well!


Written by Nikki