Well hello. As my first entry in this blog, I feel as though I owe any potential readers a little insight into my ramblings. Although I am a long time blogger, this is my first personal blog where I am going to let my hair down and tell you like it really is. Why now? Well… my life is not exactly unfolding as planned and the more I look around, I find that I am not alone. So this is a place for me to vent, laugh, and share the trials and tribulations of being a wandering soul… a young professional with no tangible profession. Hopefully you will pick up on my sarcasm and realize that most of this is supposed to be funny. Here it goes 🙂

The rejection letter.

First, I want to thank all of those organizations out there that send rejection letters because as much as they suck, they are a hell of a lot better than wondering if the mail truck got hijacked en route or your email is waiting to be deleted in some HR spam box.

That being said, rejection letters are a bitter pill to swallow. Whether disguised in a thin envelope or a message in your inbox, these bearers of bad news are thoroughly trained for all-out guerrilla warfare on your ego… they have hope-seeking missiles… seriously.

That is why when I get rejection letters, I chose to read through the BS and see the truth. Say what you will, but this is what I ACTUALLY read:

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying to this position that you are over qualified & most likely settling for. The selection process is very competitive because the economy is in the shitter and there are PhDs applying for entry level jobs (we have the pick of the litter… it is raining applicants) !! Unfortunately, you were not selected for an interview at this time or any other time for that matter so cut your losses and invest your hope in some other job you didn’t go to school for.

We wish you the best of luck in your never ending search for a job that is hiring someone with lots of experience, awards, degrees, and ambition. Next time try and make friends with someone in the organization so your resume will be put on top.

All the best,
One of dozens of organizations you have applied with.

I know, I know. Don’t get discouraged, etc, etc… blah blah blah. Its not like I have been applying for hundreds of jobs that I desperately want in dozens of states; I am casting a pretty small net and should not expect to a huge catch. I am pretty determined to stay in the Carolinas at this point because I love it here and there happens to be a pretty swell gentleman in Charleston whose company I would like to keep. It all comes down to which way I turn at this crossroads in my life… either way I go, there will be sacrifices made.

My glass is still half-full but I don’t just want half of it full… I want my glass to overflow. With something other than cranberry vodka. 😉

Written by Nikki