Although I am down to just one job, I don’t want anyone to worry that I will get bored or lack any kind of adventure. As usual every day is different and today was another action packed one.

I woke up early with my usual routine of dog feeding and garden maintenance… then I headed off to start the day at Joseph Fields farm playing with the goats and apprentices. After showing the apprentices about de-worming, hoof clipping, and other critter related info, I chatted with Joseph about dealing with blossom end rot and left determined to figure out if he is allowed to use Calcium Nitrate since he is certified organic.

I stopped at the Bogarden for my daily check in and somehow managed to get a $45 ticket for being half-way in a no-parking zone for less than 5 minutes. Are meter maids human or have they had their bodies snatched by aliens? They are eerily lacking compassion or hearing, even when given basil as a peace offering. Just as I am putting the ticket in my car, a neighbor drives past just to yell at me for having my truck parked in a no-parking zone. Not feeling the love on the corner of Bogard and Rutledge today… but at least the Sunflowers are looking good.

After that expensive stop-off, I made it back to the office for desk work where I cranked out emails/phone meetings and created a Lowcountry Farmers Google Group that I am excited about. I then went to a new small restaurant in Park Circle where I ate jicama for the first time (yum!) and was served a very expensive Mojito without the alcohol… the old guy serving me clearly thought I was underage but didn’t have the guts to ask-awkward.

Then I came home to play with the dogs, do some dishes, and hang out session with one of my close friends. When she left, I headed out to check our the freshly cut grass and as usual ended up in the garden. I weeded and fought pests, both of which have gained significant ground recently. Between aphids, squash bugs, and squash vine borers, I am get all kinds of hands-on organic pest management experience.

To rewarded myself, I harvested peppers, cucumbers, collards, squash, beans, tomatoes, okra, and herbs for dinner. Afterward I made some herb butter to use later on and shared the recipe with my sister and mom.

Needless to say, I now spend my day doing what I love and I have time after work to spend time with the people I love, in the places I love.

Written by Nikki