Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”- William Cowper

The winds of change are so strong these days it is starting to feel like a hurricane (Luckily, not a real one like Earl).

(Winds of Change at Thackery Farm)

The last month I have been juggling so many random jobs and trying to plan for the next few months of my life, that I have a hard time knowing what is next in my world, so I am sure that those of you around me are equally as baffled as to what direction I am heading next.

Here is a picture summary of the last few weeks:

Foxy chillin at the Farmers Market

Sarah and Beach Watering the Bogarden (I was their nanny).

Cloud watching on my way to a gardening job.

Admiring good stickers while walking the doggles.

Chicken coop I built for Joseph Fields, complete with
Kilwins Ice Cream bucket nesting boxes.

Here is the latest and greatest.

As of yesterday, I am now the Director of Fields to Families. What is that? Nikki got a job… in her field… in Charleston?!? Yes, yes I did. But reign in that excitement. While it is uber exciting and full of potential, I will still only be working 20 hours to start off until I can raise some funds for a full-time salary. Bring on the grants. So yes, I will still be working at least two jobs.

What does this mean for my Apprenticeship? Well, I will be shifting to 20 hours a week but still working up in Thornhill Farms in McClellandville. My main role will be harvesting and selling produce for the farm but I will also be working with LLF closely on partnerships between our organizations.

Since most of my time will be spent in Mt. Pleasant and downtown, it doesn’t really make sense for me to live on the farm, so Dan and I just got a place on the peninsula. We will be close to Hampton Park and according to Dan, we can try to score a tandem bike so we can bike the bridge together (since he knows that I cannot make it over without walking my bike). I can see it now.

Ahhh… the spice of life.

Stay tuned…

Written by Nikki