Last week brought adventure, change, celebration, and challenge into my world. Monday was… well… Monday. Tuesday was my first interview with Lowcountry Local First for the Farm Incubator Program…very exciting. We had a lunch meeting at Five Loaves (yum) where we discussed all kinds of things from the position to my lifestyle. What was the biggest concern regarding my qualifications? My ability to get a car. How I have managed to live in Charleston and commute to Johns Island this long is beyond me, so I was not surprised when it came up. So, yes, I will be getting a vehicle so that I can participate in the program. I know, I know. I think about half of you are relieved and the other disappointed but I am sure that you all understand. So at the end of the meeting we agreed that I would have a second on site interview with one of the farmers to ensure it was a good fit. Which brings me to Wednesday. The day started off with a little oyster harvesting. Yes, oyster harvesting. Our Habitat Young Professionals group was having its first fundraiser, so we decided to go out on our own and get some “free” food. It was unbelievably cold, fun, and for some, tasty as well. I personally do not eat oysters because I was told to not eat boogers at the age of 3, but clearly that does not apply in this case. Oh yeah, I am allergic, too. So anyways, we harvested enough to fill two large garbage cans full and even found ourselves a quahog clam. After cleaning the gear, oysters, and boats we headed over to Rosebank farms where I met with Sidi, the farmer for Rosebank Farms. In true farm style, he pulled up in a tractor. We toured the stand, met some of the critters (including a duck that thinks its a rabbit), and then saw all of the fields. As I stared across the rows and rows of winter vegetables and listened to him name off the varieties, the whole idea of working on a farm began to sink in. Working the soil, protecting the plants, harvesting the yield, tending the animals, and making the sale. This is exactly what I want to be doing. So when he dropped me off at the front and asked me when I was going to start, my heart sang! (Specifically, Lets Go Crazy by Prince). Thursday I gave my notice to my case working job (it was a stretch anyway but at least I got them to recycle!) and went out that night to celebrate at the aforementioned oyster roast. Friday, I spent most of my day recovering from Thursday and preparing for Saturday, which was the kick-off day for the Bogarden my friends and I have started. The rest of the weekend was spend playing with the dogs, running errands, and planting more seeds.

So what does this mean for me? Well… in the next month I have to tie up loose ends at my case working job, move out of my apartment and onto Johns Island, buy a car, and convince my OTHER current employer to transition my part-time Green Building position into a contract basis one. Change is on the way.

Written by Nikki